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Welcome to the #kestrelsfamily we are delighted to welcome you to the Team Solent Kestrels 2023/24 Season Coaching Team!

The key terms of your coaching role are laid out in the Coaches Pack which has been provided to you.  


In order to accept this role, we ask that you complete the form below, by end of the day on Thursday 3rd August.  This allows us sufficient time to submit our clothing order in time for the welcome event on 2nd September.

2023/24 Coach Agreement *

  • I have been provided with a copy of the Coaches Pack for the 2023/24 season and agree to follow the rules, regulations and guidance set out therein.

  • I agree that prior to the season, I will familiarise myself with other key documents associated with the coaching role, including but not limited to the player packs, safeguarding and welfare pack, fixture pack, team manager pack, risk assessments, etc.

Fee Agreement

All coaches will receive a complimentary branded t-shirt. Please indicate the size you would like us to order for you.

Parking permits at Solent University for the 2023/24 season are £200.  Whilst the club will not receive free parking, we will purchase permits for those that require one.  


National League Welcome Event *

We are holding a NL Welcome Event on Saturday 3-5pm a Itchen College. Plans are to be finalised but we hope to include opportunities to play, meet the coach and a BBQ. All coaches welcome.

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If you receive an error message when you press submit, it will most likely be because you have missed a question that is marked with a star '*'.  Please go back and ensure all questions are answered.  Thank you!

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