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At the heart of the #tskfamily is our dedicated coaching team

Most of our coaches are volunteers with demanding day jobs, who give up their evenings, weekends and time with their family, for the love of the sport and for the opportunity to develop youth basketball in the Southampton community.

Team Solent Kestrels coaches are licenced with Basketball England.

The rigourous BE licencing process means that our coaches are at least

Level 2 qualified, DBS cleared and have regular safeguarding training.

Matt Guymon Director of Coaching

Matthew Guymon

Team Solent Kestrels Director of Coaching
D2 Men Head Coach

EABL Head Coach (Itchen College)

Day Job: Director of Coaching Itchen Basketball Academy

Matt's parents (Jimmy and Bev) founded the club in 1998, which in the beginning was called Solent Stars Juniors. Matt played all age groups for the club and later returned from the USA to coach in 2010. Matt has been a figurehead in the #kestrelsfamily since Bev sadly lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in 2016.

A three time NBL D1 Coach of the Year, Matt has coached all levels within the club and has been instrumental in the development of many players and coaches alike. His attention to detail and the marginal gains that come from a professional attitude to both analysis and basketball tactics, along with his focus on teamwork have led to him being widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the UK.

Matt led the Men’s D1 side to an unprecedented level of success including multiple trophies and a record four consecutive NBL D1 League titles. Following that success, in 2022/23 Matt decided to step away from the Men's D1 squad as Head Coach to become the Director of Coaching and focus on leading and developing the club's junior and senior pathways.

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Robbie Connell

D1 Women Head Coach

Day Job: 

Bio to follow.


Andrea Kurkowski

U12 Boys Kestrels City League (KCL)
U14 Boys Kestrels City League (KCL)

Day Job: 

Bio to follow.


Ben Mathews

U12 NBL Boys Head Coach

Day Job: Programme Development Manager 

Ben only recently joined the #kestrelsfamily in 2021 after achieving his L2 coaching qualification but has a solid 10 years of coaching experience behind him.

In addition to his day job and coaching at Team Solent Kestrels, Ben is also the Head Coach for Unified Football at Special Olympics Great Britain.

PHOTO-2023-03-27-22-17-07 copy.jpg

Eddie Owusu

U14 NBL Boys Head Coach

Day Job: Assistant Head Teacher

Eddie joined the #kestrelsfamily and the coaching team in 2019 and has been coaching on and off for 30 years. In addition to coaching at TSK in 2019, Eddie was also appointed Head Coach for the South at the regionals.

Since he stopped playing basketball, he has devoted his life to supporting young people achieve, not just on the basketball court but in life also.

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Joanna Jarvis

U12 Girls Acadamy Head Coach

Day Job: Police

Jo became part of the #kestrelsfamily 20 years ago when she joined as a local league player.  She has been coaching for the last 10 years.

Jo is driven by giving young people opportunities that she never had and describes the Kestrels coaching team as being a happy, positive and supportive community.

Khalid 3 copy.jpg

Khalid Missouri

U18 NBL Boys Assistant Coach

Div 2 Men Assistant Coach

Day Job: Criminal Defence Lawyer

Bio to follow.

kris copy.jpg

Kristian Dennis

U16 NBL Boys Coach

Director of Boys Camps

Day Job: Deputy Facilities Manager

Kris has been part of the #kestrelsfamily since 2019 and has been coaching basketball for 15 years.

Kris is a passionate coach who loves being part of such a big basketball community and to be part of giving back to kids from diverse communities.

Currently working towards his Level 3 in coaching, Kris believes that attitude always reflects leadership so he works to lead by example all day long!

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Jon Neale

U10 Academy Boys Head Coach

Day Job: Education Technology

Jon is a long-standing member of the #kestrelsfamily having joined as a junior player in 25 years ago, progressing to mens in 2003/4.  He now has 18 years coaching experience behind him and has coached over 300 games at secondary school level.

In addition to his role with Team Solent Kestrels, Jon is the Program Director for Peace Players International, Northern Ireland.

Tom 1.jpg

Tom Merrill

D1 Women Assistant Coach

Day Job: 

Bio to follow.

PHOTO-2023-04-01-18-10-06 copy.jpg

Vicky Milner

Director of Girls Basketball

U12 NBL Girls Head Coach

WEABL Head Coach (Itchen College)

Day Job: Curriculum Leader for Sport at Itchen College

Vicky has been part of the #kestrelsfamily from day one, joining Bev and Jimmie Guymon to develop the junior boys programme and leading several groups to final-four appearances.

In 2015, after having her daughter, Vicky created the successful girls programme which has resulted fantastic participation and created many talented female coaches. She believes, "If you see it, you will believe you can be it", is why she has managed to develop so many quality female coaches. 

Vicky loves to see the girls go through the development programme and leave, not only as better players, but indviduals with confidence, resilience and skills that will help them in all aspects of life. She feels lucky to have had some great female role models in her life, including Bev Guymon, and aspires to give back as much as she gained from those role models, in the past.


Jack O'Keeffe

U18 Men Head Coach
D2 Men Associate Head Coach

EABL Assistant Coach (Itchen College)

Day Job: Boys Coach at Itchen Sixth Form College


Bio to follow.


Annie Scanlon

Minis Head Coach
U10 Mixed Head Coach
U14 NBL Girls Head Coach

Director of Mini/Girls Camps

Day Job: PE Teacher

Annie joined the #kestrelsfamily in 2013 as a player and has been a cruicial member of our coaching team for the last 5 years.


In addition to coaching for Team Solent Kestrels, Annie has twice been selected to coach for the England team!

Chrisr Blunt.jpg

Chris Blunt

U18 NBL Girls Head Coach

Day Job: 

Bio to follow.

awaiting image.jpg

Harriet Gooddard

U12 Girls Acadamy Head Coach

Day Job: 

Bio to follow.

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Jermaine Webb

U14 NBL Boys, Assistant Coach

U11 Skills Sessions, Head Coach

Day Job: Courier

With 11 years coaching experience, Jermaine is the newest member of the coaching team, having completed just one season with us but he has quickly established himself as a popular and proactive member of the #kestrelsfamily.

Jermaine is driven by his love for the game and a passion for helping players to be successful on and off the court.


Kiely Reed

U16 NBL Girls Head Coach

Day Job: Primary School Teacher

Kiely has been a member of the #kestrelsfamily for many years, starting as a junior player when the club was first formed.  She has coached for Team Solent Kestrels for the last 5 years.

In addition to her coaching role within the club, Kiely has been involved with Basketball England's Aspire Programme for the past 4 years and represented the coaching team at the Aspire Super Region Tournament.

awaiting image.jpg

Marc Yeates

U16 CVL Boys Head Coach

Day Job: Customer Success Manager - Shift Technology

Although Marc has only been part of the #kestrelsfamily a short while (since 2021), he has been involved in the Southampton basketball scene for 25 years and previously knew both Jimmy and Matt Guymon.

As well as coaching on and off for 15 years, Marc is a student of the game and watches as much basketball as possible. He's particularly interested in the theories and data anaylsis behind successful teams.

Marc's claim to fame is he is the all time leading scorer for the Millbrook Bulldogs! 

20230122-DSC04112 copy.jpg

Coach Samir

U16 NBL Boys Assistant Coach

Day Job: Founder & Director of Freedom Ortho

Samir has been involved in the basketball world for many years with both of his sons beginning their journey in CVL, progressing to compete at a top level representing Itchen Academy & Team Solent Kestrels.

His passion to mentor and coach the next generation led to an opportunity to qualify as a Level 2 Coach in 2017 under the BE coaching programme, led by Coach Jimmy Guymon.

He has been a member of the #kestrelsfamily for many years, driven to create a coaching culture that establishes a community and a family where all can benefit from the club, the game and the professional resources to enhance quality of life.

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