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PLAYER OFFER (seniors)

Welcome to the #kestrelsfamily and congratulations on being selected for our seniors programme for the 2023/24 Season!

The key terms of your offer are detailed below.  To secure your place, this offer must be accepted and the registration fee processed by the end of Friday 18th August


2023/24 Season Fees *

  • I understand that I must pay the £130 registration fee by Friday 18th August.

  • I agree to set up and pay the 8 monthly installments of £65 by Friday 18th August.

  • I understand that I am responsible for payment of my fees whilst arranging a sponsor (if applicable).

  • I understand that if I do not keep up the monthly installments, I will not be permitted to train and will not be selected for games.

  • I understand that the fees cover the costs of the Team and do not guarantee game selection.

Fee Agreement
Fee Agreement

2023/24 Coacha Update and BE Licence *

  • I agree to update the player's Coacha profile to the minimum standards as set out in the player pack

  • I agree to follow the guidance to add the BE licence and upload any necessary documentation as set out in the player pack

All NL players will receive a reversible training vest. New Team Solent Kestrels National League players will also receive a warm-up top, courtesy of our sponsor Freedom Ortho.

For warm-up top, please select
Time Commitment

Commitment *

  • I understand the importance of training and will attend all training as set out in the training schedule

  • I am available to be selected for games at weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

  • I am available for the full season (September to end of April)

Time Commitment

Game Selection *

  • I understand that each team has a maximum of 15 players and up to 12 players will be selected for each game

  • I understand that whilst coaches will take account of availability and aim to rotate players as much as possible, selection for games will be based on attendance, commitment and performance

Welcome Event on Saturday 2nd September
Offer Acceptance

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