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Image Courtesy - Kai Johnson

Team Solent Kestrels WNBL D1 side fell to a 44-79 defeat to the Brent Bulls at the Solent Sport Complex. Facing off against third in the table, the south coast side couldn’t recover from a slow start to catch up to their opponents.


Tilly Goddard led the scoring for the Kestrels with 10 points whilst Gabi Kostova-Dobrova scored 7 points as well as 11 rebounds. Faith McDowall also impressed with 8 points and 4 steals.


The first quarter started fast for the visitors as they wasted no time in getting a spree of close-range shots to fall. Solent’s scoring touch started to appear as the quarter wore on with Goddard proving to be an early threat. However, despite the effort they showed trying to defend the ball, they could not keep the Bulls scoring in the paint as the first quarter ended 6-24.


The second quarter followed a similar style to the first. Extensive passing play from the visitors limited the effectiveness of the home side whilst allowing Bulls’ players to find space. When Solent did retain possession, they were instantly double-teamed, resulting in frequent turnovers and transitional scores, seeing the first half end 15-47.


The third quarter began like a new game. Goddard and McDowall scored frequently alongside Fernanda Loberto whilst strong defensive efforts led by Kostova-Dobrova shut out the Bulls for large periods of time. At one point, Solent went on a 10-0 run that lasted over five minutes without conceding any points. This upturn in form saw the third quarter end 28-61.


The final quarter went as the third did, with a lot more possession and influence from the home side. The challenge presented from the slow start to the game proved too much to overcome for the Kestrels but it didn’t stop them from going on the attack as they tried to cut the point deficit, seeing the game end 44-79.

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