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We are pleased to announce, after a successful re-tender process, that Itchen Sixth Form College have been awarded a DiSE partnership for the 2023-2026 cycle as a dual provider. The partnership sees Itchen recognised as one of just 14 providers on the England Development Programme (EDP).

Diploma in Sporting Excellence or DiSE, as it is more commonly known, is the framework for elite academy’s across the country and requires an institution to provide a number of facets that compliment a performance environment, as well as forming partnerships with local providers ie. Universities, Schools and Clubs.

The process for re-tender required current and prospective programmes to audit themselves against the delivery standards set out by Basketball England to meet that criteria for Tier 1 status. The successful bid also allows both Boys and Girls squads to compete in the EABL/WEABL respectively.

Itchen College Head Coach Matt Guymon commented; “It is a privilege to be selected as part of the new EDP framework, where we are excited to continue to build on what we have established over the last 10 years. The EDP has played an instrumental part in the Team Solent Kestrels club pathway, where players have been able to access facilities, coaching and support that wouldn’t have been possible in this area previously. We have seen the program have a positive impact on countless players who have gone on to represent National Teams, receive performance-based university scholarships both domestically and also the professional level. We are looking forward to learning more about the new vision from Basketball England for the EDP and academy leagues as we progress into the 23/24 season.”

See below the Basketball England press release;

Basketball England’s Talent Pathway and Programme Manager Sam Messam said:

The 13 DiSE Partnerships are dedicated talent environments with the highest level of athlete support and development on offer, to stretch and challenge elite basketball players towards growth and success, both as a basketball player and student.

Furthermore, the DiSE qualification is a unique opportunity for youth basketball players aged 16-19-years-old to continue to advance their knowledge and understanding of the game, compete at the highest level of youth basketball in England, and work towards their career aspirations.

These partnerships have demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in talent development, and illustrate the provision of high-quality facilities, equipment, and staff in support of basketball and athlete development and have the complete confidence of Basketball England.”

DiSE Partnerships are elite academy environments supported by multiple partners (e.g. university, school, college, basketball club etc.) to deliver the DiSE qualification.

The DiSE Qualification forms part of BE’s England Development Programme (EDP) Framework, which is made up of four elements: the DiSE Qualification, a full-time programme of learning (i.e., A-Levels or BTEC study), Level 2 coach/official award, and participation in the EABL or WEABL.

The EABL was established in 2010/11 as a competitive outlet for DiSE students, with the WEABL beginning in 2015/16 with the same remit.

Having been assessed against the Academy Delivery Standards, all DiSE Partnerships are deemed to be Category 1 Academies and are committed to athlete development, welfare, and support, and will be working with Basketball England to stretch and challenge athletes under their care.

The recent review and tender process is the first held in this area in close to a decade and coincides with a commitment to improve standards within all levels of the talent pathway.

This summer, Great Britain will put six teams (U16s, U18s and U20s men and women) into the European Championships for the first time since 2019, and the DiSE partnerships play a key role in preparing players for U18 and U20 activity.

The next stage of the ongoing review will involve BE contacting DiSE Partnerships to discuss the contracting conditions and the athlete nomination process. There is still a desire to evolve the DiSE Partnership landscape to involve 12 providers that all offer dual programmes, but this has not been possible for the upcoming cycle. Existing partnerships that have not been selected for the 2023/26 cycle are still eligible to play in the EABL and WEABL for the 2023/24 season, and are also invited to tender for a partnership in the next cycle, beginning in 2027.

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