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Image Courtesy - Kaitlyn Jeffrey

Team Solent Kestrels looked to continue their hot form as they welcomed Westminster Warriors to the Solent Sport Complex. The home team ran out deserved winners in a 109-64 rout, after an Isa Brandon showcase.


Isa Brandon top scored with 28 points and 9 rebounds whilst Elliott Dadds and Russell Gareipy scored 16 and 15 points respectively, both adding 10 reobunds a piece also.


The first quarter saw a lot of action as both sides wasted no time in attacking the rim. Brandon was the spark behind most of the moves as his electric scoring in the paint was complimented by points from Gareipy and Matt Hughes. After an even first five minutes, Solent managed to stretch out a small lead as the first quarter ended 26-17 to the south coast side.


The second quarter brought with it an inspired performance from the Solent team. Shots from beyond the three-point line started to fall and Dadds helped keep the interior game going strong too. Brandon wasted little time in making sure the visitors didn’t forget about him as Ashley Briggs also started to score. The Warriors started to falter in the face of the Solent attack as the second half would see the lead stretch to 59-34.


The third would bring little more luck to the visitors as Solent showed no sign of slowing down in their mission to get a 10th straight league win. Dadds and Gareipy were helped by Asa Aziz to keep the socring going as Brandon was given a well-earned rest. Ilias Taiwo made sure that every rebound was contested if not won by the Kestrels as they ended the third quarter with a 88-55 lead.


The final quarter continued the games trend as the Kestrels reached the 100 point mark halfway into the period. The effort it took to earn their lead started to show as the scoring started to slow and the game descended into a constant transition from one end to the other with missed scoring opportunities starting to appear. The Kestrels responded to this by doubling their defensive efforts, capped off by a highlight slam dunk by Taiwo with less than a minute to go to put an exclamation point onto the win.

Kestrels are in their final action of 2023 this Saturday as they host NASSA at 3.30pm, at the Solent Sports Complex - you can secure your tickets now!

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